HHS Competency Program

HHS Office of Human Resources (OHR), Workforce and Career Development Division in collaboration with the Department's Operating and Staff Divisions formed a workgroup that created a Competency Model as a tool for individual and organizational development planning. While the focus is on core and leadership competencies, the model also contains technical competencies which vary by occupation. Together they form the HHS Competency Model. Competencies include the knowledge of a specific discipline, such as technology, budget, human resources, science, or general business. Competencies can also include communication, analytical and problem-solving skills, as well as behaviors such as collaboration, vision and customer service. Competencies support organizational and individual goals within the Department - from recruitment and selection to succession planning, rewards programs, and training and development.

We encourage you to explore this website as a tool for your individual development planning. If you identify a competency you want to become more proficient in, the HHS Learning Portal offers many training opportunities to help you close skill gaps. The HHS Competency Model includes competencies geared towards leadership roles within the department. To determine whether your position is considered supervisory, managerial, or executive, please consult with your manager.

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