Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. What universities currently participate in the University Partnership Program?
  2. When am I eligible to participate in the University Partnership Program?
    The University Partnership Program is continuously available to HHS employees.
  3. Which HHS employees are eligible to participate in the University Partnership Program?
    All HHS employees are eligible to take advantage of the benefits offered through the University Partnership Program. Employees' immediate family members are also eligible to participate for those universities offering family discounts.
  4. Which universities offer benefits to HHS contractors?
  5. Which universities offer benefits to dependents of HHS employees?
  6. What are the benefits of participating in the University Partnership Program?
    The benefits vary based on the participating university however, employees generally receive a combination of tuition and enrollment fee discounts, credit for life/work experiences, and flexible opportunities to complete courses (i.e., online or classroom).
  7. Are there specific courses I am required to take?
    No. Employees have the option to complete any course, degree and certification program and/or continuing education units offered by the participating university.
  8. May I complete courses during the normal work day?
    This is at your manager's discretion.
  9. Where can I receive additional information in reference to the University Partnership Program?
    Select the following link for additional information regarding our university partners:
    Select the following link for additional information regarding our upcoming events:
  10. How do I register for a class?
    Employees should adhere to the participating university's admission and registration policies.
  11. Will my employer pay for the course in which I enroll?
    Employees are fully responsible for funding the required tuition payments. Employees interested in tuition reimbursement or support should adhere to their OpDivs'/StaffDivs' standard approval procedures.
  12. How do I receive any applicable tuition discount?
    You can receive a tuition discount through verification of your employment with HHS. Please refer to the university partner's verification policy.
  13. Can I receive a tuition discount if I am already a student at the participating university?
    Yes. You are eligible to receive a tuition discount the next time you register for a course. Please be sure to advise the participating university that you are an HHS employee.
  14. Which university partners offer tuition discounts?
    All of our university partners offer tuition discounts but the specific details vary per university. Please check the university's website for additional information.
  15. Can I receive Financial Aid?
    Financial aid is available at each participating university however; you must refer to the universities' Financial Aid Office for specific information or to determine your eligibility. You can also visit the following websites for additional financial aid information.
  16. Can I transfer credits?
    Yes. Participating universities permit the transfer of credits. Please refer to the university's policies for specific information on the number of transfer credits allowed.
  17. What is a Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)?
    A PLA evaluates training, learning, and work experience you have gained outside the traditional classroom setting. Based on a student's PLA results, the participating university awards undergraduate college credits. American University, etc. makes PLAs available for students.