Talent Development Services

Talent Development Services (TDS) encourages and facilitates employee training and development. TDS provides training opportunities that enable employees, at all levels, to develop the skills and competencies needed to be successful in their chosen careers or prepare for new responsibilities through a variety of developmental programs. TDS services include:

  • Supervisor 101 training and development
  • New Employee Orientation (NEO)
  • Managing all aspects of the Learning Management System
  • Managing all training and development programs, including mandatory training
  • Develops systems and processes to link training and development to the competencies required for achievement of HHS strategic goals and priorities
  • Currently standing up new and improved coaching and mentoring programs
  • Assessment of group or individual training needs
  • The University Partnership Program (UPP), offering special university incentives to HHS employees, contractors and immediate family members
  • Instructional Design
  • Identification and coordination of external training resources, as needed
  • OHR Training Request and Approval process

For more details and information on all of the services TDS provides, please contact Alvin.Steward@hhs.gov.